FEISTY #60 inches

This was the best St. Patrick’s day ever. I played in my first official bout with my first official roller derby team: The Bayou City Bosses. Though we ended up losing to our 2011 Championship team, the Psych Ward Sirens, it was an incredible experience.

Up until bout day, my stomach was in knots! And Spring Break was not as amazing as it could have been because all week, since returning from Austin, I stressed and stressed about this game! I didn’t want to let my team down and I didn’t want to let my friends down.
The night before, my team had a Boss dinner and watched The Godfather – which I have never seen [what?!]. We kept referring to certain themes and scenes and characteristics that seemed Bossy. It was a lot of fun and many, many jokes were made. My teammates are some of the wittiest ladies I have ever met. 🙂
Once the bout day came around and I was out of the house with my gear, snacks, and cameras, everything seemed okay…getting to the venue especially early seemed like it helped more than it hindered.
I also made sure to eat plenty beforehand [but not right before…barf].
All in all I feel like this was a great learning experience. I can’t wait to get better and better and better! 🙂

 Shank [Boss cappy] and KiKi [blogger extraordinaire!] decided to sport “the black hand of Boss.” Pretty intimidating, right? 🙂

Game time!

*a cheesecake is when the opposing team tries to trap a player behind them. it is a kind of strategy.

I am so incredibly thankful for my friends and co-workers who came to the game. And especially my friend that asked for my camera so he could photograph my bout. Yay!

My parents showing up was an amazing surprise! For months they “hmph”ed and huffed whenever I even mentioned a derby activity [you know, parents worry…]. They ended up having a great time! Such a relief. 🙂
For more information visit Houston Roller Derby. You can read up on our rec league, try outs, and ticket information.
I can’t wait for our next bout!
p.s. make sure to visit the Houston Roller Derby blog – my feature went up yesterday!:)



  1. You are seriously so awesome. I wish we could have watched you play while we were all in Austin! Someday..someday!

  2. I am so glad HRD is back in the Verizon or whatever it's called…the pictures just look so much better! Glad everything went well for you in your first bout, too! 🙂

  3. You are the cutest! And remember that time you knocked someone down and they gave me the credit? Well, I know it was you. 🙂

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