within the span of a week, just a few things happened.
on sunday returned from my snowboarding in Colorado with friends and family…

upon my return to the real world [aka work], i was greeted by a runaway puppy, who was having a little too much fun near some oncoming traffic. [you realize i am officially the dog lady, right? second rescue of the school year!]
pup’s name was briefly sirius black, but his new owner has dubbed him “dexter” – quite suiting seeing that he enjoyed cutting up everyone’s fingers with his little puppy teeth that first day.
valentine’s day came and went. <3
wednesday&thursday included a quick roadtrip to austin, tx for a math conference.
any excuse to buy note-taking supplies! 🙂
and now it is the weekend again! how did that happen?
activities included a pajama-themed birthday party
where i hung out with my BFF from monday morning 🙂
and supporting some roller derby through the purchase of handmade goods 🙂

i spent some time with my dude. you’d think we’d see each other more often…

 if you are an in-the-know houstonian, you may have guessed where i brunched 🙂
and i eated it all of it! nomnomnom <3

all that is left is roller derby practice! hooray!
i hope your upcoming week is SWELL 🙂

p.s. have you noticed my cute and tiny fox favicon?;)



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