life on skates

on december 10th, i participated in a “just for fun” mix up bout. πŸ™‚
whether it’s just for fun, or official, or whathaveyou….i was a jumble of nerves all weekend!

the first bout was elves vs reindeer. i was on the [superior team] – elves ;). whilst a few of my very dear derby gals were on the reindeer. during the 2nd game i also played against teammates and friends. it’s so nerve-racking…but i will have to adjust eventually as we are all on different teams!

i designed and screen printed the elf team “logo” after some reindeer decided to talk trash early on. πŸ™‚

derby talk [just scroll down to the photos :)]
in regards to the games, i played far better than any other bout. i am more aware of my surroundings [although that does NOT mean i avoid getting hit in time!].

i jammed a few times and racked up some points. but i also made loads of rookie mistakes and visited the penalty box a couple times. oh, and had more than my share of falls! we ended the first bout in an exhilarating manner. team elf was up 2 points and the opposing jammer [OJ] was about to get through the pack. rosie the ribhitter and i held the OJ long enough for our jammer to get ours through. and then the OJ ended up in the box. even though i love the reindeer jammer to pieces, that was sweet luck paired with some pretty decent blocking!

the 2nd game was far more intense! the few of us that played in both games were exhausted! but i had a couple decent jams [thanks to my team!], but took my worst falls that night. one hit even sent me sailing to the penalty box! i couldn’t help but laugh. πŸ™‚ my team, the snow bunnies, won that game, too. and once again, there was some awesome blocking [and jamming!] accomplished by my super experienced teammates! it is always a privilege to skate with such amazing women.

definitely the motivation i needed to stay in shape during the off season. especially the photos. yikes! i need to work on my camera face/attire. πŸ™‚

daniel scored these photos at the jammer line.

oh hey, look at that. i am in the penalty box. booooo.

these gems were taken by an amazing photographer.

great way to end 2011 <3



  1. Look at you gunning it as a jammer. Go Feisty, Go! Also, your hair is soooo long. Don't know how you're dealing with long hair and derby. I had to cut mine. Bad Feisty for being in the box. Glad you had fun.

  2. renee– it does get kind of annoying…but only b/c i think it looks funny and i don't know how to style it…

    jorjia– haha! not really…but i'm glad i can at least look it! πŸ˜‰

  3. I just stumbled across your blog somehow… and I love how you have such a quirky mix of things I love too! (especially the derby stuff!)

    I've juuuust started my own blog, and I wasn't sure what direction to take it in, but I like how yours is a mixture of all the things you love!

    Come say hi sometime πŸ™‚

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