this song gets stuck in my head with every visit. and then i start thinking about the oc [ahhh adam brody <3]

i accompanied my parents to california for my uncle’s wedding. the visit opened my eyes a bit. i also bonded with a part of my family i don’t often see, hung out with my parents, and got some decent shut eye 🙂

thanks cali – i will be back!



  1. That giant red ornament is about to fall and impale you with its pointy end! You are lucky you escaped with your life!

  2. I was more of a Ryan girl at the time 😉 Although looking back now I totally see the error in my ways…

    Gorgeous pictures!

  3. marci– thanks! those balloons were so cool looking!

    holly– haha i loled the first time i read that comment.

    abigail– oh, ryan was def a cutie 🙂

    elizabeth– thank you!

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