for a couple specific reasons, i decided to give juicing a try. as i write this post, i have gone a whole 3 days without solid food.

day 1: for breakfast i had a grassy tasting juice. it was composed of mainly spinach and chard [as well as some other veggies and a bit of fruit].
lunch was pretty tasty – a mostly fruit and berry drink šŸ™‚
dinner, though….oh dinner…was comprised mainly of beet juice. ew. no more beets! tastes like dirt.
i didn’t feel too weak until around lunch time, and then my head got pretty fuzzy and my speech slowed down…by the evening, despite the dirty dinner, i felt fine, though!
[i will say that the first 2 nights i went to bed kinda late..which may have exaggerated the fuzzy head feelings!]

day 2: daniel and i juiced our leftovers. not as much green as the first day [i wasn’t aware of how much green you’d need for just a bit of juice!] but loads of fruit and some spinach. day two was actually more difficult…i stayed at work later than usual [= late “dinner”] and on the drive home my headache turned into a migraine. šŸ™ i drank most of my dinner, then rested a bit on the couch and fell asleep early.

day 3: by day 3 my juice supplies were too limited. i had to settle for an apple/strawberry drink, which sounded good, but ended up way too sweet! plus i felt guilty for running out of greens šŸ™ so i took a vitamin [veggie supplement]. i didn’t feel as weak as the first two days, although my head was still a bit fuzzy and a headache was constantly looming. this was the first day that i wanted a cracker, some almonds, soup – something that would stay in my belly.

being that i am lazy and didn’t make it back to the grocery store, and am out of items for juicing, AND today begins halloween weekend [see: FOOOOODDDSSS], thus the juicing ended after day 3. i really like the after effects…helloooo [-4lbs] flat tummy! but i think i will change my routines a bit so i’m not so weak. in a few days i will test juicing for lunch and/or dinner only. and as a snack throughout the day.

**my biggest WIN was that, by only allowing myself to drink juice and water [and coffee…ahem], snacking during the day was completely cut out! we shall see how next week goes…
**my biggest FAIL was not making it to derby practice [granted it was work related, but ended with a migraine…]. although maybe that would not have been the best idea.

breakfast today was light a vanilla soy milk, half banana, and bit PB smoothie. lunch will be a salad. and dinner? half a tuna sammich. keepin’ it light!



  1. That green juice looks tasty! Are you allowed to drink pickle juice on the juice diet? I could probably do it for a day or two, but only if pickle juice were an option.

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