Touristy Houston

My cousins visited us from Miami, Florida [and my sister and her boyfriend as well] this Labor Day weekend. I made a random list of fun things to do [most involved eating!] while in Houston. 🙂 So’s not to overload anyone with photos, I am breaking this down into 2 or 3 posts. 😀

Why does my cousin [center] look like jumping in the air requires no effort? 🙂
The famous “We <3 Houston” sign in the Heights area…for obvious photo ops.
 Rode the Metro Rail around downtown Houston.

 A few of our metro rail stops included Discovery Green for some snocones, Bombay Pizza for some grubbin’, and the Japanese gardens for some sight seeting. The most interesting sights we saw included massive coi fish, as well as a group of L.A.R.P.E.R.s 🙂
We also stopped at Hermann Park for some paddle boating.

 Ended our metro rail traversing at the Flying Saucer.

Ely [cousin] and Javi [cousin-in-law] have driven my sister and I around Miami time and time again when we visit over the holidays and summer. I am so glad they could come to Houston so that I could have the opportunity to drive them around and show them some cool stuff. 🙂
I am sad that they have departed, but will see them soon over winter break!



  1. uhh, so you did more in this post than i've done in houston in the five years i've lived here. at some point, i'm attaching myself to you for a weekend.

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