Touristy Houston part 3

Mam’s House of Ice snocones are so delicious! When Daniel and I lived in the Heights area of Houston we were over there a bit too often 🙂

 Daniel loves ordering his snocones with a scoop of ice cream. So far the yummiest snocone/ice cream combo he has ordered is Dreamsicle, but in this photo he’s got a Root Beer Float thing going on.
and [how color coordinated!]

Everyone else ordered Tiger’s Blood or Cherry 🙂
I stick to Wedding Cake because a) it is delicious, and b) no stained lips, teeth, or tongue! 😉
Other than eating and walking around, we took my family out a LOT. Below is a photo of my sister playing a game of Giant Jenga at Barcadia. We also checked out Catbirds, Poison Girl, and a local place called Hunter’s Pub.
I wish I had an extra day to rest after such a “touristy” weekend!
p.s. happy birthday to my dad 🙂



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