traveling peeves pt. 1

1. Be prepared in the security line. Take your shoes off ahead of time [especially if they are strappy or have buckles], remove your laptop from the case within the briefcase within your carry-on. Once you get through, re-dress yourself away from everyone who is trying to collect their belongings but are stuck waiting because you can’t bare to walk 6 feet before putting your shoes back on.

2. I am pretty understanding when it comes to crying babies. Plus, I have an Ipod. But the kids who are old enough to know better?  Should probably be taught some manners.
A couple examples: Don’t hit your mother repeatedly in the face with a stuffed animal. Do not run around, inches from other passengers and their belongings.

3. Baggage claim.  See all of those people you just stood in front of??  We were also waiting for our luggage, that you are now blocking.  And when you grab your bag[s], please move it back so’s not to cut everyone off from the conveyor.

I am actually a pretty laid back traveler [see: book&ipod].  You really wouldn’t be able to tell that these particular situations irked me. šŸ™‚



  1. I'm pretty sure these are the worst things about travelling. Every one of these things bug me to no end at the airport while I'm tired/grumpy.
    I'm quite sure I have the conversation about being ready at security every time I travel

  2. I am so with you on the irks! And if I ever travel with little kids (which really: I DON'T) I apologize. LIke, I had to fly with each boy at least once and would say loudly to my row: "I am sorry in advance if my baby cries. I am really hoping he won't, but just so you know, I wish I wasn't flying with a baby either." And the people with their shoes!!! Are they, like, surprised?! Ug.

    I like to fall asleep when I travel alone. In the terminal on the floor, and then on the plane. I wake up for beverage cart, get a coffee and a tiny bag of pretzels (if I'm lucky) and back to sleep. Oh, I miss travel.

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