1. I have a precious little chiweenie… although she is more weenie than chihuahua. those pups are too precious! send me one. haha

  2. Those are the cutest most amazing things ever!

    I so want one 😀 Now to convince my kitty and my fiancee…

    I also grind my teeth when I'm cuddling animals, not because I'm a psycho..

    Ah I love them 🙂 completely made my morning! x

  3. O. M. G. Those are so cute. I've never had a puppy. I got Chico when he was 5, so I missed out on his adorable baby time 🙁

  4. oh my word! roxy those little guys are adorbs. I'm 16 and I've been following your blog for a year now! i can so tell that you have a great love for animals :]

    which is why i was wondering if you would be able to help me out! my Aunt (who's a vet) and Uncle are in the middle of building something amazing, a no-kill cat rescue center in southern illinois. They're up for a 50 thousand dollar grant with the pepsi refresh everything project and im hoping that you, friends or family, Whoever really, can help vote for them! you can text to vote from your phone, or from your email/facebook account its so super easy and only takes a second or two. Any votes would be greatly appreciated, so if you could help spread the word i would forever owe you!! I know you're more of a dog person..saving little kitties makes it all worth it! here's the link…
    thank you so much!


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