sneak peak

I recently returned from Miami, Florida [post coming soon!] but gotta road trip it to New Orleans for the Running of the Bulls. 😉 Basically, some people sign up to get chased by bulls [roller girls in this case!] and smacked with a plastic bat.

This photo was taken by rgbmonster while I was in Miami. [a couple more shots are posted on his blog]
I have a few more photos to share when I return. Wish me luck in my bull fight!



  1. So awesome! I saw something about this the other day and got a good laugh out of it! Hope you had a blast!

  2. lily– awww so kind – thanks!

    brooke– woohoo! can't wait to see yours 😉

    meli– i'm kinda excited to see your derby pics one day 🙂

    eef– thanks! i was hittin' the gym pretty hard….was being the operative word! haha

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