happy birthday to my super amazing and brainy soon-to-be-dentist seeester!!
now watch this short video featuring snadycakes and her inability to tell a funny story ๐Ÿ™‚
once upon a time, roxy was a very evil child. she would tell her younger, extremely trusting, sister, sandy, little lies in order to protect herself….
for example. while on a roadtrip, roxy crumbled some crackers, and put them in sandy’s underwear.
sandy: “i’m telling!!”
roxy: “wait! this magic chain will take the crumbs out like a magnet!”
[i found an old chain in back of the truck, where we are riding, because, yes, some stereotypes are true! don’t worry, it had one of those detachable roof tops. and? and intercom system!] 
and thus begin the adventures of Captain Crumble Crotch!



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