skate-a-thon :)

Houston Roller Derby had a skate-a-thon this weekend. We were raising money for our travel team, who represents us all at away bouts. We skated a 3 mile loop in the Heights area – my old stomping grounds! We even skated past my old home. Le sigh. Good times 🙂

I ended up raising $300 after skating 15 miles! There were 4 freshies [fresh meat] including myself, and the rest of the skaters were travel team and other derby league skaters. Most of them did about 21 miles or more! I couldn’t go anymore – not because i was tired, but because my feet HURT. I can’t wait until my skates are all broken in and I am that in shape…the max amount was 33 miles. Craziness!

The event ended up being a lot of fun. I’m glad we were able to raise money for our travel team and then pig out at Christian’s Tailgate afterwards. 🙂



  1. That's awesome! And 15 miles is definitely impressive to me. 33 is absolutely INSANE.

  2. woah, that's awesome. and it looks like you had a lot of fun, too. 🙂

    I love your T-shirt. where did you get it?

  3. Wow, you raised a lot! And it looks like fun day too:) It seems like the roller derby community is awesome, I just couldn't put up with all the bruising I think.

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