Last weekend I attended Comicpalooza Houston.
It was a pretty interesting event. I’m not into comic books [ I’ve read a few, but Daniel is the avid Comic fan 🙂 ] but I did sign up to skate in a couple scrimmages! There is actually a lot going on – and not everything has to do with comics.
Daniel and I went on Saturday to check out the event and watch the Travel Team – Hard Knocks – scrimmage.
hard knocks vs harisburg, PA
After all the excitement…sans elbow and wrist pads….
Houston Roller Derby had a booth – and R2D2 visited the ladies volunteering that day.
Have y’all heard of planking?? A few friends and i were making fun of it at our last school happy hour, so Daniel decide to plank at george r. brown [the event center]. We got a kick out of it. Especially since that same day another friend of ours posted a similar photo on facebook. hahaha
Oh, and before we are off the topic of comic books….
I saw Xmen: First Class. Loved it!! I didn’t read the comics, but as a child I loved the cartoons.
Go watch the movie 🙂
“Mystique” is going to be the lead in Hunger Games.
GAH, can’t wait for Hunger Games…….OMG. the end.

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  1. I'm glad to hear First Class was good! The first two Xmen movies were on TV this weekend, so now I'm excited to see it. And Hunger Games…CANNOT WAIT! I'm half way through Catching Fire right now 🙂

  2. i'm so torn about her being katniss! its just not how i pictured her at all! fingers crossed the movies will be half as good as the books!

    xo.anna marie

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