fact: i love your dog

it’s no secret that i love dogs. if you were to invite me over, and there is an animal present, i may or may not pay them more attention than you. at least temporarily. 🙂
a friend of mine just adopted a puppy. and she looks like buster puppy!
everyone was ignored for 30 minutes. i’m sorry!
now look at buster pup!
similar – you must admit!
anyways – time to make your heart melt [or your face…if you are charlie sheen].



  1. Oh, he's so cute! We miss having a dog…but we have two silly cats that keep us entertained until we get another. 🙂 Haha! Aren't you so glad that school is almost out? Yay!

  2. LOL I'm the same way. It never fails if I'm at an event and there is a dog, I'll somehow end up spending more time with them than the humans. I'm glad I'm not alone!

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