pretty hair in austin, tx ;)

my friend karla does hair in austin, tx 🙂
i love her because she makes me proud of my volume. after an awesome cut she makes my hair big and pretty [usually i can only do flat and frizzy!].
here are a couple photos from my last cut with karla 🙂
[before bangs]
recently she put feathers in my hair. and i looooove it!
they’re supposed to stay in for over a month.
i can wash them…straighten them…whatever 🙂
i wonder which colors i should get next??
if you live in the austin area hit up Sirens Salon…and ask for Karla!



  1. OMG! Feathers are coming in over in MI too! All of my students have them right now and I'm super jealous.. I want feathers. Now that you have them too I feel like I can do it. Some of my parents at P/T conferences had them in as well.. I'm debating on whether or not they are "professional" but I like how yours are underneath and can easily be hidden if you don't want people to see them. Most people have theirs on the top like your first picture.

    I hope all is going well with you and that you still like your new position!

    xx, Brittni @ WLFM

  2. Okay. Feathers = Awesomeness FTW. You have the most beautiful hair. I wish I had the patience to grow mine out. I like it short (o:

  3. brittni– other than a couple blog friends, i haven't seen feathers in people's hair over here…karla told mea bout it while i was in town and i was down 🙂 i know what you mean about keepin' it prof! that's why the bright ones are hidden and the "neutral" colors are up top 🙂 thanks lady!

    alicia– thank you! ya, it's the inbetween stages [short –>long] that's frustrating 🙂 short looks good on you!

  4. Those feathers are beautiful! I'd never deen anything like it. It looks so frickin' cool though!

    I feel your pain on the frizzy part, although I think I got it under control with about 4 types of shampoo, special conditioner and john frieda's frizz ease. It takes a while, but it has never been so soft!

    Have a great weekend;)

  5. Oh I love feather extensions! A few of my friends here in AZ have them. They're a fun pop of color without going too crazy. I want to get some put in.

    Yours look awesome, you have beautiful hair =]

  6. laura– if it wasn't for my straightener…i'd be doomed. haha

    rae– thanks! you should totally get some – they def pop in darker hair!

    elycia– thanks, lady! 😉

  7. Hiya! Just to say I'm soo glad I found your blog, been having a good explore and I love your style it's wicked. I want feathers now. You work in a school right? I need to get injecting some style into the school I work at methinks 🙂 xxx

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