the hairs on my head

i finally decided to see what my bangs + natural waves would look like.
roxy, put the hair straightener down!!
 that, and i was super tired tuesday morning. i finished the book thief in the wee hours of the night 🙂
you may have seen this dress before. i am obsessed with it.
<3 barcelona
no heels today, folks! our school was in benchmark testing mode 🙂



  1. Aw, your hair looks gorgeous! I would love to have natural waves like yours. And I don't blame you on the dress. If it was mine, I don't think I'd ever take it off.

  2. I'm so jealous of your natural hair. Mine is kinda like a white girl afro if I don't straighten it. Maybe I should post my natural hair for a giggle or two!


  3. OMD. Your hair looks awesome like that! Do you even know how long it would take to me to get my as half as curly as that?! Lucky dawg. ;] xo.

  4. katie– thanks lady! i wore the tights to change it's my signature "winter" dress haha

    pinkrain– thank you! what's a collant? 🙂

    pink-you mean it's curly? haha i think we need a photo 😉

  5. That was all the persuasion I needed lol… I shall be posting a picture or two of my hair au naturale on my next day off!


  6. I love your hair! It looks good. I think sometime this week I need to break out the purple tights and wear them to work…


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