things i wear to work + neon cuppycakes!

first off!
HUGE thanks to everyone that commented, tweeted, facebooked, or just communicated with me in general about a skater name. i was leaning towards a fox related name, but everyone’s enthusiasm over texas hitstrument [my # would totally be TI-83] has me kinda leaning in that direction.
BUT i am still open to any other suggestions!
seriously though. totally appreciate y’all. 😀
i actually have fun jumping on the bandwagon doing these little outfit posts. haha 😉
i’m not a stylish person, but sometimes a kid will ask if they can raid my closet and i’m like hmm…
i’m talkin’ about a girl who is about a foot taller than me…maybe i should tutor her in the math behind why that wouldn’t work?
i bought these tights at target…and they are kinda long. but i LOVE them.
and to be quite honest, i wear them to roller derby, too – between washes of course 🙂
oh, and the dress i bought in rome this summer. sigh..such wonderful clothing in rome…
even if i totally complained about the summer crowds, heat, and overall confusion!
also, one of my most amazing friends [who is also a coworker!] had a birthday this week.
so i made cupcakes!
happy birthday, mattyk 😉
p.s. quote of the week:
“we had to write you a letter in ms. naylor’s class so we went to to research our subject.”
i’m so glad i still get to interact with the kiddos 😀
[and that i keep my blog super clean! ha!]



  1. I love cupcakes! And those are awesome. I've been trying to make bread lately. It's very time-consuming though.

  2. i would love working in a school – i think kids are great! and the older kids always just kill me!

    cute outfit lady!

  3. One of these days I'm just going to have to breakdown and make some rainbow cupcakes! So fun! Do you just use normal old food coloring or the paste kind?

  4. kate– yaa! i totally learned from kaylah at daintysquid. after much failing with regular food dye…

    amylou– thanks lady! ya, it started with my old youtube account – which is now public knowledge b/c i stick our school vids on there. and then somehow they did some sneaky sneak work and found my blog. haha

    knsey– your FACE looks delish! hahaha 😉

  5. shreeeyaaaa– ahhhh daniel made beer bread once and it was AWESOME. you should totally food dye your bread! haha

    taryn– working with the more mature kids is hilarious. they get the sarcasm and are definitely humorous 🙂

    elle– you should for sure make rainbow cupcakes! i use the neon food dye for the most part. but that blue pictured above is regular 🙂 oh and it's the gel kind!

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