finger cramps

maria and myself are sharing a booth at renegade handmade this year 🙂
i attended last year and made it a goal of 2011 to be ready enough to apply for renegade handmade. thanks to some extra motivating from maria, we applied together and got in 🙂
this will be the biggest show i have ever done. so nervous!
BUT i am super excited to meet a whole bunch of crafters and possibly some e-friends!
on an even dorkier note, i’m kind of excited about choosing my outfits for the shows. haha!
toodles poodles!
p.s. anyone else creeped out by the sight of my bare legs??
where are the tights?!



  1. I am going to make "toodles poodles" a regular part of my speech now.
    Congratulations on Renegade!
    The thought of a craft fair that doesn't involve typical "old lady" crafts gives me the tingles!

  2. aaah! I love renegade. I had to miss it last year because I was out of town and I was very disappointed. I'll be sure to find your booth this year.

  3. I'm so glad you guys are going to be there. I have decided that my goal is to apply next year. I love Renegade! It's so amazing to talk to a bunch of crafters and see all of their work in one place. Everyone is so nice! Good luck! See you there! 🙂

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