derby names….revisited

seriously??? how do i NOT have a skater name yet??
i can’t decide if i should go for something cute or something semi-tough…
i’ve decided to try to work in the word “fox” or something about the internet/blogging.

photoshop doesn’t have a superscript option!that should read ╬ár2 **i added foxxy love after i made this image… ­čÖé

i’ve had so many good suggestions..but nothing seems to stick. SIGH. if you think of anything please leave me a comment. i am stuck!



  1. Sew Foxy or Internet Hexplorer are cool I like them ­čÖé

    Not sure about 2 pi r /pi r 2 (sorry couldn't to the symbol) it might be a bit of mouthful

  2. I'm sososososoooo bad at coming up with names–so I feel where you're coming from.
    However, I think you have some good ones to pick from! I like Sew Foxy or Roxy Refresh.

  3. Dude, Texas Hitstrument all the way. That's so derby. And I cannot wait to come out and see you bout one day.

  4. y'all are so craycray. thank you thank you!!
    foxy roxy is sooo already taken ­čÖé
    i've had to stay away from anything sounding like "grrfeisty" etc b/c there's already a lady in the league who has a similar sounding name.
    i AM kinda partial to either feisty fox or texas hitrstrument ­čÖé

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