i’m not gonna lie.

most of my weekend consisted of laundry. haha at least that’s what it feels like!
you know you have too much crap when you can go 2 months without doing any laundry.
BUT, for the record, i wear a lot of old clothes. i’m not a shopoholic – i promise!
a very near and dear friend of mine took me to breakfast this morning.
if you live in Houston and have never eaten at Baby Barnaby’s, you are INSANE.
last night, i volunteered, with etsy houston, at a screening of Handmade Nation.
it was quite fun. AND i met Ginny. 😉
and other than guitar hero with some real fun co-workers, that is all 🙂
hope y’all had a great weekend! back to the grind!



  1. The last time I went to Baby Barnaby's, I was 8 months pregnant and practically devoured a whole cobb salad on my own–those suckers are HUGE and sofreakingamazing! I've never been for breakfast, but I've heard good things!

  2. lisa– barnaby's is the lunch/dinner side. baby barnaby's is real small and ridiculously yums!!! 😉
    it's only at the one on fairview!

    kinsey– haha boo and yay is correct! 😉

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