the “studio”

i always feel like a dork when i say “sewing room.” but, coming from me, “studio” sounds ridiculous as well. it’s really hard to see myself as talented, or an artist, or a “small business owner.”
how do you make yourself believe in yourself?

okay, where did that come from? 😉 anyways, in my previous post i mentioned some redecorating…
here are photos of my revamped sewing room/studio/space.
 grrfeisty button by me, sewing machine button my sew crafty, soap from minimak, and calendar by emily
doodles i did a few year ago…
a poem by brian andreas
daniel is holding the stocking i made him. haha
 a bit of my owl collection 🙂

an owl card from my bff and supplies
 for those of you interested….my desk was where the loveseat is [on the right], loveseat was where the sewing table currently resides, which wasnpreviously located where my desk is! 🙂
not too noticable of a makeover…but the room feels better…and i changed the shelves a lot. if i knew what feng shui was, i’d think i accomplished it 🙂
previous layout here



  1. The tipsy owl is fantastic!
    I think a studio is a perfect work space for someone who is truly talented and such an inspiration!

  2. 🙂 i've been trying to call is a sewing room more often – since that is what i use it for…the "craft" world has certainly turned that word around – but i still feel silly using it haha

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