mail call!

i don’t usually partake in the “what i wore” type posts
[i just enjoy reading them!]
but the other day i won a super awesome giveaway by enthos and had to show it off!
super soft tees – Enthos Clothing
tights – target
shoes – steve madden
 make sure you “like” their facebook page so you can find out about sweet giveaways!
p.s. this isn’t the first time i bragged about enthos 🙂



  1. Those shirt, and your shoes(!!!) are amazing! And, really, you can never have too many super soft tees, especially cute ones like those

  2. tara– i think i *really* learned how to walk well in heels when i started teaching 🙂 [8+ hours – yowch!]

    bethany– yaaa i love the little fox on it 😉

    kate– haha they are pretty BRIGHT 😀

  3. Did u know that like 99% of the time I say I like some shoes in passing then go back to check it out they turn out to be Steve Maddens? It happened again this week!

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