from texas to florida

every year i visit miami, florida twice.
my extended family lives here and i love seeing them…so i come every 6 months [summer+winter].
i’m not too fond of early flights…tee hee
but i do like how empty my spot in the airport was!
 things i do when i travel:
read & listen to music, sleep during take off, read & listen to music 🙂
[i’m almost done! next up…graceling! anyone read that one yet??]
what up, miami?! can you spot the airplane shadow? 😉
i’ve been here with my family for a couple days now. all i can say is – lots of love, lots of cafe con leche, and lots of sa-weeeeet vegetarianized cuban food!

<3         <3       <3       <3

p.s! in case anyone thought i was in any physical danger b/c of my workbag, this is what i usually carry with me:

[if not JUST the black clutch/zip thing on the right….]

 click for enlarged version…

*the ipad is a new addition that accompanied me to B&N [thanks dad!!]
*i had just bought that cd for $5 from a bassist outside B&N. ha!
*super cute notepad by roboroku
*the purse is a thrifted win i scored off danielle 😉

i totally took that photo in the cafe…and embarassed my cousin greatly 😉



  1. Fun! I'm about to start Mockingjay!

    I read the Graceling and Fire right before I started the Hunger Games. I loved the both! Hope you like them too.

  2. have fun in miami!

    i loooved the hunger games trilogy. and i looked up graceling online and it sounds amazing!!! i am so happy i am not the only person who loves young adult fantasy/fiction.

    have you read the golden compass trilogy? sooooo good. you should check it out if you haven't. it's by philip pullman.

  3. amylou– i stayed up until 3:30am last night finishing mockingjay! i loved it and wish there was a 4th book..

    elycia– a student recommended graceling after he saw how into hunger games i was 🙂

    leyla– waiting to take off makes me sleepy 🙂

  4. I read and loved Graceling too! I'm hoping to get Fire for Christmas so I can read it before going back to school =]

  5. Where did you get the iPod decoration? Love it! Mine just has a stick on earring in the middle button so I can find it easier.

  6. alycia– eep! what is that..a 5 hour flight? longer? mine was only 2.5 – which is quite doable 🙂

    lisa– ahhhh i'm almost done with graceling! it took longer to get into, but now i can't put it down!

    elle–! i have a skin for my mac from there, too 🙂

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