one year of puppy :)

it’s been a year since i rescued my little osa 🙂
i used to sit in front of her kennel, yelling at her to stop yapping. i even tried spraying her with a water bottle! she loved it. 🙂
the little bandaid on her tail from where it was infected only made her more adorable!

she was SO tiny. and now look at her go!

she’s got so much spunk. i love her so. 
we are so happy you are a part of our family ooossi 🙂



  1. OMG. Where do I start?
    The cone.
    The belly.
    The bandaid.
    The yelling (haha)

    All reasons we love puppies sosososo much. My puppy is currently passed out next to me, drying off from a bath. She b-lined to the nastiest puddle she could find at the dog park and wallowed in it up to her neck. Then she came home, tracked it through my condo and demanded a treat. Which I gave her. 🙂

  2. page– hiya! haha i'm glad you liked the puppy post! i love reading and seeing dog photos…it's like having children i think. haha i totally understand the b-lining to the puddle! sam ALWAYS jumps into bayous and ponds…and then daniel just dries him off – GROSS! hahaha
    oh, and they LOVE chewing on bones…i'm pretty sure that keeps all the gunk off pretty well!

  3. How cute!! She looked just like our Charlie-Boy did when we first rescued him. He was so tiny (and sick) he only weighed 12 pounds. He used to sleep on my hubby's chest like a baby.
    🙂 Sheila

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