so this is christmas… :)

this is the first house i’ve ever wanted to decorate for the holidays 🙂
[my family travels to miami every year for christmas…so we’ve never decorated much!]
i really need one of those “a house divided” ornaments 😉
mini tree in the front room 🙂
osa will probably just get coal. hahaha 😉
anyone listening to christmas music 24/7 on pandora?? 🙂



  1. I remember when I first decorated my own place. It was odd at first, but it felt so much nicer to come home to a festive place during the holidays. Happy decorating.

  2. Visiting from FN, but I already follow your blog on bloglovin and love it! And I love your decorations. But I think I love your dog more. 🙂

  3. Here from FN!! We are totally listening to Pandora Xmas music like crazy here in PDX. Cute blog!

  4. Oh wow…you're very into Christmas. I appreciate people like you, but am not one. I save the Christmas music for Christmas day.

    Your tree looks great.


  5. Looks awesome!
    I've had my tree up for a few weeks now and Boney M. is on repeat on my ipod!
    Christmas is here:)


  6. The radio station at work just started their 24hr Christmas playlist…I'm not sure if it's too early for me, or just not compatible with work!!

  7. hello! i am visiting from freckled nest! and i am raising my hand here!! i have been listening to pandora christmas and glee christmas for the last week straight! can't get enough!!

  8. You do such great work! Keep it up and keep making beautiful things!

  9. Aw everything is so pretty! I'm still debating decorating and getting a tree this year myself since we don't so Christmas at our place and no one else would really see it unless we actually followed through on our cookie exchange party. Although, I've been eyeing the small real trees outside of Whole Foods – I think I might do it :]

    Happy December!


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