I hate flash photography, so bear with me…the photos are a bit fuzzy 🙂
these are some shots of myself and the gals i hang with at rec league tuesday nights 🙂
saturday morning a few of us met up for a private lesson at nawty’s place – far faaar away – and skated around on her smooooooth neighborhood streets.
 it was loads of fun and a real great workout 🙂
 people kept looking at us as we skated by in a pack…it was a great feeling.
i still haven’t decided on a derby name! hmmmm….



  1. Looks like lots of fun! I can't wait to buy my skates! Hopefully in November. They are expensive!! 🙂 Good luck with the name. I'm terrible at naming things. I should probably never have children because they'll be graduating high school before I think of what to name them! 😉

  2. oh my goodness. so coooool! i can't wait to hear the name you pick. derby names are very clever 🙂 keep skating!

  3. marci– skates are pretty expensive…especially when you buy extra wheels and toe covers!
    elycia– they are so clever it's stressful! haha i want one that's perrrrfect 🙂
    amylou– haha thank you!! 😉

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