sewing room video tour :D

hi hi! i made a funny video for Leigh-Ann at Freckled Nest – if these photos interest you at all…go check it out!! 😀

and if that doesn’t interest you…
there’s also a GIVEAWAY
tomorrow is the first official day of work.
good luck to all you amazing teachers making a difference in the world 😀

here’s the video 🙂

Let’s be pals!! All over! 🙂



  1. love your dogs! found your blog via Freckled Nest & i just love it. have a great first day back. 😉

  2. thanks han! 😀 it was pretty good!
    librarian [i couldn't find your name! haha] – thank you very much! so is yours 😀
    thank you, ana!
    holly, that's awesome! haha thanks! 😀

  3. psst, ive put your button on my site now, instead of just a link 🙂

    ps. stop making me want a dog so bad…

  4. your video was adorable. what good helpers you have! i need to teach my cats some useful skills so they can finally get jobs and support themselves.

  5. hey lady i loved your video!!! the dogs were hillarious!!!
    i really want to go to roller derby practice with you next time:)
    your sewing room is great!

  6. elycia – haha it's funny b/c [the female dogs at least – the two smaller ones] are ALWAYS laying around my sewing room. maybe they really DO want to help 🙂 cats might be best…their paws seem like they'd do well with detail. haha
    bradi – haha thanks! yaaa it was weird this week b/c there was a meeting at fudrucker's instead of practice so i didn't go [stayed too late at work anyways 🙁 ]. which one can you go to? since you've already been before…

  7. I loved your fun video and seeing your craft room. It totally inspired me not to give up n being crafty. I don't have room in my small apartment and it is frustrating. Someday, I hope to have something as cute as yours!

  8. hi GP! don't give up! i used to live in a bungalow…my craft area was a little bookshelf in the dining room where i kept my fabric…and everything else was stored in my bedroom or closet…and pulled out when i needed it! one day you can have more room. so glad you are making the best with what you've got! 😀
    and honestly…i wonder if i worked better in a small area..hmm…haha

  9. I loved your video..the dogs are adorable…I thought it was awesome how you had them dressed up.
    Just recently I was in the Apple store…never been. I've always wanted a macbook pro. And when I seen that huge screen with the computer in it I was drooling….what do you think of your Mac? Someday I will have one.
    See you around! I'm in the Home Ec class….Angela Christenson.

  10. hi angela! thanks so much for the kind words 😀
    i have a macbook that i purchased 3 years ago and i love it. anywhere i travel, it goes with me – and i absolutely love using it at work 🙂
    i definitely love my mac! i bought it a bit cheaper because my sister's boyfriend had it for a year and a half before me. if you plan on editing photos, websites, videos, etc i HIGHLY recommend it! the large screen helps oh-so-much 🙂

  11. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  12. I won your giveaway and I am so excited!!
    I am 5 feet tall too. mini sized people are the best 🙂

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