i have a couple funny stories to share about skating.
a couple days ago i went for a practice with daniel. i was trying to see how fast i could skate, try jumping, and practice some different stops.
at one point i tried this one stop that requires turning backwards and then stopping on your toes. it’s called a “tomahawk.”
anyways, as soon as i turned backwards daniel shouted, “look out!” and i see a biker heading my way. so i do the whole backwards running in place thing for a split second and crash down to the grouuuuund. it hurt, but it wasn’t too bad. my wrist guards helped. i bruised my elbow, but that’s it 🙂
[i don’t have elbow pads yet because they didn’t have any smalls!].

the bruise is that purple looking shadow. haha about the size of a half dollar.
the second story made me “LOL.” i was skating osa around the block and this TINY chihuahua [which we have encountered many times] comes bolting behind us, barking like crazy. osa was tugging, but she’s good and so we continued on our way…i look back and there’s a truck waiting for the chihuahua to get out of the way…so i mean…i had to help it, right? 🙂
i let osa go after the chihuahua. the tables have turned! that little tike was terrified!
and me and the guy in the truck had a good laugh.
btw, i have nothing against tiny dogs…but they sure have something against my giant dogs!
other than some skating and professional development today [which continues through friday and saturday-eek!], i came home and did a bunch of sewing! hooray!
don’t mind the dogs and dog toys sprawled on the ground 🙂
p.s. giveaway coming SOOoooOOn 😀
p.p.s. anyone else adore these shows?
i love how netflix always suggests “strong female leads” based on my rentals 🙂



  1. battle wounds! It's good to see that you can take a bump & are still pushing forward! I'm rooting for you!

  2. I watched the first season of Nurse Jackie and it was good but then season two hasn't appeared on UK TV yet – either that or I just missed it lol.

    United States of Tara hasn't made it here yet either (then again it could be on a subscription channel in which case I wouldn't have seen it either lol)

    Can't wait for the new seasons of Bones and Grey's Anatomy to start in the next few weeks or so. (Yeah I'm one of "those" people lol)

  3. long time reader, first time commenter! have finally got my blog up and running and have linked you as one of my favourite reads, so thought i had better say hi! keep up the entertaining work!

  4. Ahh bummer about the bruise! Haha. That's hilarious about the little dog. So tough until another dog starts chasing it back!

    I loooooooooooove United States of Tara! I've watched a few episodes of Nurse Jackie. But United States of Tara is one of my favourite shows FO SHO! Haha.

  5. i'm sure this little bruise will be nothing compared to what's to come! haha
    i do enjoy united states of tara a TAD more than nurse jackie – but i'm obsessed with both! 😀

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