crafty books and my little opinion :D

i’ve been trying to push my handmade goods more lately.  perhaps is my crazy summer vacation and my severely lacking bank account, but i’d like to make a legitimate, albeit, small income through my etsy shop.

that being said, i’ve been doing a lot of reading lately 🙂
a few months ago i read Crafty Superstar. this book is amazing! if you need inspiration, motivation, and a lot of how-to, BUY IT. READ IT. LOVE IT. 🙂
there are adorable illustrations throughout the book, and a lot of tables and templates for you to photocopy and use! i copied down SO MANY useful links and tips as i read…
anyways, so far it’s my absolute fave. 😀
recently I read Craft Inc.  This book is very helpful if you are trying to make a serious business out of your craft.  There’s a lot of information about being an employer, marketing, hiring staff, etc.  I’m not trying to make a big business out of feisty fabrik [right now i’m really happy with craft fairs and etsy], but if you are looking to expand and get serious, then this book is for you. 

Currently i am reading Handmade Marketplace.  i’m not even halfway through the book yet and i have already been jotting down notes like crazy!  i really like how the book is divided into short sections.  it keeps your attention as well as offers plenty of advice from other crafters already living their dream. 🙂 there are also some really cute illustrations that just kind of make the book more fun to open up 😀
i’m not the best writer, but i hope my humble opinion helps you out a tad! 🙂



  1. This is so perfect! I've actually been eyeing all three of these books recently because I'm on the verge of taking that next step, too. I didn't really know where to start. Now I do. Thanks for you help. 🙂

  2. I have the first and third book, but I can't find the second book anywhere! There is a work book that goes with it too. I can't find it in Canada though.. bummer! Haha.

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