stavros, ferry, and athens [travel blog insert]

I had originally published this entry on a travel blog I tried to start. I have moved it to my main blog. 🙂

why hello there!
here’s an update from the last…3 [or so] days.

andy, eileen, and myself took a chania bus 30 minutes out to stavros.
 our breakfast waitress recommended the beach there. it was beautiful!! i
snorkeled a bit and then lay in the sun.

last day in chania, daniel and i joined 9 other classmates on a 2.5
hour bus ride to knossos. we toured the labyrinth and pretty much just
enjoyed everyone’s company 🙂

as i mentioned before, we rode a ferry from chania to piraeus. daniel
was in awe. the “ferry” was pretty much a cruise ship! i was super
bummed that we were only spending the night on it! our cabin was so
spacious! and the beds were so soft! we explored for a couple hours
before finally settling in. i passed out while uploading photos and
daniel caught the soccer game.

and i arrived in piraeus around 5:30am. by 6am we were at a bus
stop…i think? the buses kept passing us! so finally we just took a
taxi to athens. we left our baggage at the hotel, they let us eat
breakfast [since we miss breakfast the last day b/c of our early flight
to rome…], and we were off to the Acropolis museum. i HIGHLY recommend
it. the third floor is modeled after the Parthenon – so you can walk
around and imagine it!  We started around 8am and finished up at the
museum after 10.  By then there were hundreds of tourists at the
Acropolis!  It was sooo sunny, i almost bought a little umbrella from a
street vendor.  We spent another couple hours at the Acropolis and then
headed back to the hotel to check in.  i showered and did my laundry
while Daniel hit up the Greek Folklore Museum.

here you can see the acropolis museum at 8am, before the tourists and tour groups hit!
by the way, cats are not just a crete thing…

we rested a bit we head out again to visit some other ruins.  It was
sprinkling a little bit on the walk, but we were all whatever!  Daniel
hid my camera under his shirt and we continued.  We arrived at the
Temple of the Olympian Zeus, forgot our tickets, bought new tickets,
walked in, and it started POURING.  Everyone visiting the ruins ran for
cover under a tree.  It got so hard that Daniel and I were soaked – tree
or no tree.  My poor camera! Somehow it made it through.  We ran for it
as soon as it lightened up a bit.  Perfect time to grab dinner!  Daniel
watched the soccer game and I got kinda homesick :/  The one week mark
always effects me!

after the storm…
oh NOW the skies want to be beautiful.

BUT today was grand.  We accomplished a ton and even have time to rest.
More ruins, changing of the guards, and a super cool park!

The flea market was INSANE.  We got some cool things – but had to skip out on a lot because of the tourist trap prices!
The only thing left is perhaps some touring 🙂
oh, and here’s a little math lesson for you.

so sorry for the lack of athens photos…the hotel internet is being grumpy.