milan [travel blog insert]

I had originally published this entry on a travel blog I tried to start. I have moved it to my main blog. 🙂
Daniel and I arrived in Venice, Italy from Vienna, Austria on the
morning of the 9th.  From Venice we had to catch a connecting train to
Milan.  Daniel jumped on the first train he saw going to Milan – and we
forgot to check if it was even our train!  So after a fretful ride to
Milan [“Are we in someone’s seats??” “Are we gonna get kicked off??”]
all was fine and we trecked around town for a few hours.

didn’t want to hit any touristy spots and the subway was closed for a
few hours [really??] so we wandered pretty aimlessly.  China Town wasn’t
what I expected so we found a coffee shop and chilled there for a
little bit before heading back to the train station.

had forgotten to mention that on the way OUT of Rome I bought a cannoli
[on the way to the train station] and accidentally threw it away with
my dinner trash.  I was so upset!  I am a dessert fiend!  So my goal in
Milan was to find a cannoli.  Too bad people didn’t even know what it
was!  I gave up on that dream. haha]

at that stations we had about 3 hours to kill.  I walked around and
shopped a bit, bought Daniel snacks, and an extra movie in case we had
time, and Daniel watched Robin Hood.  The screens kept flashing
“cancellato” and we kept our fingers crossed….

mentioned before, our train got canceled a few minutes before we were
supposed to board it.  There was an Italian strike and we missed the
buses that were being offered as an alternative.  So on a whim, Daniel
and I evacuated the train station and took a $100 taxi ride to the
airport.  I had to keep telling myself it was okay…but I was seriously
freaking out.  There were no flights out until the morning, so we got a
shuttle to a very nice hotel and stayed the night there.  Meanwhile my
neck pain made its way into my EAR and I was in utter pain.  All night
and up until we were in the air, I was in tears because of a pulsing
ear.  I could tell my body was failing me because of stress!  But as
soon as we were landing in Barcelona the pressure made everything better
and it was quite a relief.

All in all, Milan seems
like a cool place.  It’s a lot less crazy than Rome.  I’m sure there’s
plenty of stuff to do, but we were tired of walking and didn’t feel like
getting lost on the buses!

My Barcelona post will be FUUUULLL of photos, so that’s to come later 🙂
As you read this [if it’s during the day on July 15th] I will be flying through the air!