off i go

i am off to dallas with my sister and mom for a couple days. i kinda feel bad leaving daniel to deal with the pups…but it will be nice getting to sleep in a bit 🙂
i shall be posting cute videos and photos involving my sister, mother, and myself!
see that  mess behind me?? i was in the process of eating cheez-its and creating this:
[double peace signs!]
for our giveaway/raffle prizes at the etsy houston crafty party! 🙂
i leave you with couple photos from lunch time yesterday.
before and after sandy’s crazy laugh/cry fest. haha
curious about my tshirt?? enthos – holla!

toodles poodles 🙂



  1. You and your sister are so cute together! (& separate too, lol) I was watching her video last nite and cracking up! Have fun!!! xo

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