howdy. [photo heavy bc i love you]

hi! i left town for a few days with my mom and sister.  this is what riding in the car with us is like. in case you missed that craziness. haha 🙂
[before we left houston we totally ate at baby barnaby’s – my sister had never been. GASP!!! ]
my super awesome sister insisted on driving the whole way!  so i kept her company by poking her every once in a while, and sewing 🙂
hmm…i got in some sort of a [houston] texas kick. haha

my sister lives in dallas [as i have mentioned a billion times] but is in houston for part of the summer!  my mom, sister, and i stayed in her apartment [in dallas] this weekend and it was awesome.  we shopped and took naps.  how great is that? 🙂
i also visited the dallas flea thanks to a lovely suggestion from pamela michelle [of etsy dallas].  Meeting online pals is cool!  We had interacted briefly over the whole etsy dallas vs etsy houston craft party meet up thing and other “craft drama” – that even sounds lame. 🙂
the dallas flea is pretty much a vintage/handmade flea market.  the building was really awesome!  …but the lighting sucked and the walkways were pretty cramped.  BUT i still think the location was cool 🙂
i totally hit up this girl’s booth and bought a yellow frame, which you will see plenty below…and a purple owl. haha
something else i bought in dallas?
this super cute bathing suit for my trip to greece….which is quickly approaching!
it’s from anthroplogie. i used a GIFT CARD. no judging!
and this simple [and cheap!] little dress from forever21.
which is also really fun to spin around in 🙂
um, the photo above made me smile like crazy!
i’ve been running/rollerblading for a while now…
and i, personally, am finally seeing results!
now what to do about those arms… 🙂
upon my return from dallas i wanted to photograph my crafty car endeavors.
sandy helped 🙂
but first for some quality buster time!
she’s pretty much the smartest dog ever.  look at those glasses and her dignified little grays 🙂
also, in case you missed the “attack of the lizard pup!”
okay, fun facts about sandy.
she is 1.5 years younger than me. i’m currently 27 and she is 25 [26 this july].
she just finished up her first year of dental school.
sandy is 2 inches taller than me.
she looks more like my dad than my mom.
sandy’s eyes are blue.
um, sandy <3s teeth. 🙂
i am off to an etsyhouston meeting.
bye 🙂
i convinced daniel to show off his new facial hair “trim” hahaha
don’t mind the insane hair!!




  1. ow nice photos! you're looks funny (but beautiful truly) when you were your glasses on lol..
    btw, I grabbed your button for my blog. if you don't mine, would your grab my button too 🙂
    xo, Lorine

  2. mariaaaaa – you have been avoiding sandy like the plague! gasp! that's fine, too. i'm free tonight if you wanna get on Gchat and dooo eeet.
    lorine – thank you! sandy [my sister] had the glasses on in this post. i'll post your button. thanks for posting mine!

  3. oh my goodness. im from the dallas area and have NEVER heard of the dallas flea! what the heck! i almost pride myself in finding great hidden vintage shops etc… thanks so much for posting this you probably made my summer! I blog about a lot of cool places in east texas so you should definitely check me out! maybe i can return the favor one day! great blog!

  4. thanks jamie! 😀
    kat ann – i'm sure there are lots of things going on in houston that i'm unaware of 🙂 glad to give you the heads up! 😀 and thank you!
    chelsea – you are too kind! 🙂

  5. I LOVE that bathing suit! Totally sweet!
    and all your little crafty things – very creative.

  6. Great update! I love the Rex mirrors! You are such a *cutie*, I absolutely adore your photo heavy posts. 🙂

  7. ok, so it is a totally small world. i came over from leigh-ann's blog. i met her back when elsie was doing her craft weekend last may. i live in dallas (flower mound to be exact) and this weekend…guess where i was?? i went to the dallas flea also! i am floored that it is totally a small world. plus i am also in houston a lot due to my bf mom and sister living there.
    i always love texas things and need to get one of your cute tx felt pins.
    if you got that green frame from dallas flea…i think i was looking at that same one, but got a blue one instead 🙂 your blog and post makes me happy!!

  8. Mmmmm, those waffles look as good as your dinosaur brooches!! Although I don't think I would eat both…

  9. katie – thanks! buster is my first dog so we are extra close 🙂
    L – yay! i'm glad you liked the brooches 😀
    jamie – hi again! 😀 LA does such great sponsor giveaways!

  10. kristen – thank you! 😀
    carl anne – the flea market was great! i wish i had gotten there earlier to miss the crowd. i had to restrain myself and my wallet!
    kel – aww thank you!! 😀

  11. christine – thank you twice!! 🙂
    alexandra rae – it was super fun. thank you!
    laura – thanks!
    erin – i wonder if houston has one…it was so awesome!

  12. christie nacole – weee! thanks! 😀
    tamara – yay! sometimes i think i try too hard to be funny. haha thank you!! 😀
    sarah – thank you kindly 🙂
    jessica – haha buster is so obedient and sweet 😀
    lynn – i want to find out about more fleas! 🙂

  13. coco – the girl's shop is SO cool! i linked it above. i love the paint colors she uses!
    ashley – it was! 😀
    lynn – awww thank you! 🙂 you are too sweet!

  14. kimi – such a small blog world! 😀 i wonder if we were at the flea at the same time! i went around 11am. crazy! i bought the yellow frame from the shop with the "enid" sign. it was so adorable!! and i'm glad you like the texas brooches! we are linked in so many ways! haha

  15. sarah – yes! it was fun! my sister's wonder woman shirt is super cute 🙂 [i think that's the one you meant! mine is a band called metric]
    michelle – sweet! 😀
    anika – haha maybe don't eat the brooch… 😀

  16. Aw! That flea market looks fabulous! Sounds like an awesome weekend, I'm up for some waffles myself. Your blog is great, brings a smile… I'ma followin'!

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