3 flights later…[travel blog insert]

I had originally published this entry on a travel blog I tried to start. I have moved it to my main blog. 🙂

hello! i am sitting in the athens airport, waiting for our flight to chania.
far daniel and i have been on a 9 hour flight from houston to
frankfurt, and a 2 hour flight from frankfurt to athens [i’m rounding down by the way].
Grabbing a light dinner at Pappadeaux before the frankfurt flight.
the flight from houston to frankfurt was cramped! and if i thought so, you know daniel was hurting! but he’s the strong silent type and i’m…not. 🙂
cramped continental! [“lufthansa operated by continental” apparently means CONTINENTAL.
the contents of this meal made the 9.5 hour flight more tolerable.
yay “vegetarian dinner!” yay indian food!
don’t EVEN act surprised. 🙂
daniel’s reading material.
forgot that in frankfurt you get off the plane and then ride a bus to
the terminal. you can’t tell, but that lady is coming down those tiny
steps in platforms with TWO bags. that’s some talent.
after we were all bussed to the airport, we walked. a lot. to the athens terminal.
the way we saw an american making americans look foolish. he was
extremely rude to the lufthansa personal. i muttered to daniel in a
super awful french accent, “estoopeed amereekans.”
oh lufthansa, you never fail to capture my heart.
daniel is WAY up there where the very front of this photograph is.
were finally able to get some decent shut eye on this 2 hour trip.
 between eating awesome lufthansa food and drinking [not so awesome but
hey it’s an airline] coffee.
arriving in athens.
more athens 😀
i’ve actually been through the third flight by now! on aegean airline.
i started this entry at the athens airport but ran out of internet time!
we are officially in chania, checked into our hotel and everything.
we’re going to go walk now…check things out…then hit the sack.
i am POOPED and i’ve got class in the morning!
good night europeans and good afternoon my friends! 😀