2 days in chania :D [travel blog insert]

I had originally published this entry on a travel blog I tried to start. I have moved it to my main blog. 🙂

the view from out hotel window 🙂
so the first full day we were in chania, daniel and i woke up around
6:30am. we unpacked and walked around the city. first thing you notice
is that NOBODY is up before 8am. it’s crazy! so it was almost just us
walking around town for about an hour.
had a small breakfast of fruit and juice and then we stopped in a cafe
for some greek coffee. oy! it’s strong and you’re not supposed to drink
it all. the bottom is tar.
then we walked around for a bit until we had to be back at the hotel for class.
love greek dogs! so far all the “strays” i’ve seen are NOT strays! they
are well fed and groomed AND have collars. it seems like dogs are
treated like cats…they get roam the streets for a bit and then go
inside. this little guy sat patiently by his home for about an hour or
so cute!
we got back to the hotel, i discovered that i set my watch incorrectly
and we were ALMOST late to class. AND i also discovered that daniel and i
checked into the wrong hotel!
it was totally my fault. there were so many emails about where to
be/go/ and what to bring and all that jazz, that i got my wires crossed.
 i wasn’t a total dorkwad, i mean the hotel we’re at IS on the list of
hotels where we possibly could have stayed. but anyways, a conversation
and email later, all is well.
this is shelley, one of our teachers. she didn’t know i was photographing her 🙂
class is pretty fun. we spend most of the time sitting/laying on the floor writing and drawing. our
teachers, shelly and alejandro, explained that we are doing a lot of
childish activities in order to trick our imaginations.  we’re trying to
awaken a part of our brain that we haven’t used since we were children.
it’s actually really cool.  everyone is doing the same thing so nobody feels silly.
on the first day we did a lot of drawing exercises. here’s daniel’s process 🙂
the photo above we are doing our “interviews.” this is something that
would be fun to do in a classroom! we had to meet with a partner
sometime before the 2nd class to do an interview. the following day we
had to “be” them as we told the class about the person.
does that make sense?
me and my “show and tell.”
we did our interviews right after the 1st class at a pretty good [even if the owner was pushy..] restaurant in the old harbor!
the old port/old harbor
daniel’s partner [the lady next to him] was HILARIOUS. she even imitated his voice perfectly! this photograph was taken after lunch.
here’s a clip of nurmeen [not sure how to spell it!] doing an amazing impression of daniel 🙂

of you that know daniel, i think you’ll enjoy it! you need to turn up
the volume and forgive my crazy camera shakes as i laugh and get
distracted 🙂

daniel and i woke up BEFORE 6am this morning to try and make it to the beach before class.
after class [day 2], daniel and i met up with a couple new friends for a 2 hour boat/snorkel tour!
from the boat we could see our hotel room! [the open window right above the green umbrella to the right.]
was amazing. i had never been snorkeling before and probably annoyed
the crap out of daniel trying to stay afloat/getting all the water out
of my goggles.
there’s this species of goat that is almost extinct…so a bunch of
greeks decided to put 100 kri kri goats on an island. it’s illegal to be
within 100 m of their little island. our captain drove the boat around
the perimeter so we could see the kri kri! 😀
see the little kri kri to the far left?? they’re hard to spot!
okay, that was most of the adventures from days 1 &2.
i am currently sitting in an internet cafe with my laptop after an awesome dinner.
i leave you with a photo of kri kri memorabilia 🙂
good night 😀