clutzy and photographic

oh hiiiiii 🙂
my oh my, this has been the busiest weekend i have had in quite some time!
i had a few activities planned each day…and when that happens i feel like i need to rebel…so i skipped one every day. i am a bad person! eek!
i went out a couple times this weekend, as you can see above
[high heels??? special!].
i’m not sure if you are aware…but i am a huge clutz.  last night i was playing with my friend’s pup, harley [see this video] and she totally tripped me!  the little skank!  🙂 i totally ate it…can you see the bandages on me knees? my elbow is banged up, too.  BUT i must say, the fall must have looked awesome!  i summersaulted/rolled/jumped and pretty much amazed the audience. and by “audience” i mean my friends paula and bryan, who probably think i am a wee bit insane.
tragically enough, my tumble was NOT the worst accident of the night.  i hope marcos is okay!  and let me tell you, if i ever see you [yes you!] drive away from an accident, i will drive/run/fly after you and punch you in your sensitive bits!  and then call the police.  for real, that’s two times now where i’ve seen a car cause a motorcycle accident and leave like the wimps/drunks/idiots they are! /rant
on a lovelier note, i plan on posting on the etsy houston blog tonight and creating a bunch of member buttons – hooray!
ALSO, here are some photos of my [finally] clean sewing room!
i hope everyone had a great weekend 🙂
i will be posting renegade purchases later tonight or tomorrow.  they aren’t on my laptop..which is where i am stationed right now. haha
bye 😀



  1. I love your sewing room! I just visited Houston for the first time and stopped in Smithville! Thought that was funny.

  2. nicolah – i used to drive from houston to austin all the time while i was in school at UT and NEVER stopped in smithville! i don't know why! so i finally did 🙂

  3. I'm sorry but your busted knees story is so hilarious. I hope they heal soon but at least in the meantime you have a great story! 😀

    Your dress is SO pretty. Yes.

  4. skarlet – thanks! btw i totally got my hands on a pike book today 🙂
    rondy – thank you! i went back and forth between color combos…haha
    kellie – thank you for the love! 😉
    windsor – the knees are healin up slowly hah 🙂

  5. the bunnies above your sewing station make me smile! You have a great eye for balance and style, I love the room!

  6. I love that dress! Great blog! I found you through the my girl Girl Thursday giveaway contest!

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