my first tutorial!! yeehaw and stuff :)

so a few months ago, i bought a lovely book called “one yard wonders” [which i’ve seen floating throughout a few blogs!].  some of you may have seen this project, others may not.  but i wanted to try my hand at “DIY.”

i made 3 bulletin boards for my house.
i used vintage frames.
none of the frames had a back, so the entire bulletin board creation thing is stapled directly into the frame.
i made these in late january/early february and posted about them here.
since my post, i’ve seen a couple other similar tutorials, but none as HUGE!  oh yes, wee man syndrome up in here.
with the lovely fabric i received from meaghan [see this post] i decided to make a mini bulletin board.  i use the one in my sewing room as an inspiration board/decoration, the one in the kitchen for receipts, bills, etc…and the MASSIVE one is in daniel’s office.
Here is my DIY on a mini bulletin board 🙂
materials: cork [i bought 2 rolls at hobby lobby, which was plenty for 3 extra large boards…so i recommend just one 🙂 ], poster board, your fabric of choice, scissors, a stapler or staple gun [i had to use a stapler the first time…trust me…go with the gun.], an old frame/thrifted frame, paint [optional].

i used an old scratched up 11 x 14 inch frame.  remove the backing and use it [backing] as your guide.
using fabric chalk, i traced the backing onto the poster board and cut.
i did the same with the cork.
place the pieces in the frame to make sure they fit.  trim whatever you need to…you want to make sure it’s a bit smaller…the posterboard+cork+fabric will make the piece bulkier.
next, you are going to staple the cork to the poster board.
i stuck about 4 on each long side and 3 on the shorter sides.
[cork tears REAL easy so be very careful! if anything, staple the any tears down]
Place the poster board and cork on the fabric and trace, leaving plenty of space on the sides to fold over.  i’d say a couple inches all around.
staple it real TIGHT.
put it in the frame and fasten the backing in!
before i put the backing in i decided i wanted to paint the frame [ya…that would’ve been a much wiser decision to make from the start!]
buster’s all “come on…get this crap off my turf!”
ahhhhh, dry 🙂
the lighting is kinda funny, but there you have it! my super cute dino bulletin board.
i keep this one by my desk!
i’m also working on a mini bipolar bunny 🙂
and i made some super sweet zips.
also, here’s a before and after of my sewing room 🙂
ok…byebye for now 🙂
i hope my “tutorial” wasn’t too boring/redundant/lame!



  1. I made some of those last week for my craft show. You can see them in action in the pictures I posted! 😀

    awesome tutorial!

    i've been wanting to try making one as soon as i saw them at your house! love the dinos! and Buster's commentary = <3

  3. YAY!! I love One Yard Wonders!! I'm hoping to do a project from it next week. Gotta get through Mother's Day first! 🙂

    Great job!!!

  4. mary – cool! i never thought about using them as display…good idea 🙂
    maria – oh i bet you'd make some super sassy ones. haha
    marci – i love the book, too! i need to try some other projects 😀
    danielle – good idea! i should do one for the classroom, too…with MATH fabric. haha
    thera joyce – woohoo! the whole book is cool, too 😀

  5. ya!!! dinosaurs rule! 😀
    have you ever seen the movie one fine day? i am OBSESSED with the little t-rex shirt [her son's] she puts on when her blouse gets dirty…

  6. I love this! I'm supposed to be redecorating the youth room at my church and these could be perfect for the walls.

    Your headband is super adorable, by the way.


  7. ohhh i love these!!! and i totally want to get that book now.. i have a lot of one yarders and home and don't know what to make with them beside mini wallets!

  8. that dino fabric is so super cute!

    question, what color/brand is the green paint from your cabinets in your sewing room? i want to paint my ceiling fan blades green, but none of the paints i've seen are the right shade.

  9. these are fab!! I love the fabrics you have used. thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  10. sandy – ooo now i'm interested in seeing your mini wallets 🙂
    katie – do it! it's easy 🙂
    widge – thank you! this one was actually a gift 😀

  11. i'm so rude! lily, i just saw your comment!
    i used behr paint throughout the house. the green is lemongrass in eggshell 🙂
    it's not exactly the right TYPE of paint [it's for the walls] but i had leftovers so i used them on the wood 😀

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