austin love :)

So I definitely made it out to renegade handmade on Sunday!
I was pretty bummed on Saturday because my bazaar was canceled due to HEAVY rain.  After moping around for a few hours, I did some Feisty Fabrik things, ran errands with daniel, and then left for Austin!  The drive was pretty easy…except for when I got pulled over.
I openly admit I was speeding…but the cops that pulled me over [yes cops – plural!] were really anal…because the youngest was in training.  I even had to get out of the car and stand in the grass while they got to stand on the shoulder….LAME again!
After they both looked into my car multiple times, the younger officer [cop#1] went back to the car to write me a ticket while the older officer [cop#2] stuck around, making conversation.  At one point this awkwardness happens:
“He’s writing you a ticket!”
me: “Okay.”
“Is that okay?”
me: “Um…I suppose?”
Then he whistled at #1 because apparently he was taking too long [or perhaps #2 was over the small talk? haha].  Luckily #1 returned with a WARNING [hallelujah!] and I went on my merry way…and by merry I mean itchy!  Dang the tall grass and my flip flop + shorts combo!
I continued to putter along [at a mere 65 mph] until I reached Austin.
My darling friend Louise let me stay with her. 🙂 We went to the Alamo Drafthouse [movie + dinner! woot!].
Have you seen the movie Date Night with Steve Carrell and Tina Fay?? GO SEE IT.  I laughed SOOO hard.  The movie was hilarious and awkward and then more hilarious.
SOOOOOO then next day [Sunday] Louise and myself went to Renegade Handmade!
At first I was utterly overwhelmed.  There were so many awesome booths everywhere!! I just didn’t know where to begin!

[click for the larger versions!]
I was looking for 3 booths in particular…
and Laura’s!
Elsie and James I’ve just been wanting to meet
[because their blogs and shops are just so awesome!]
Laura is my really cool lady friend I made at my first show last October!
And just because this looks completely awkward:
Remember, I am SHORT.  These nice ladies hunched WAY over for me!
But I wanted to try and show you all the booth…
I didn’t expect to run into their station so quickly, and I was completely awkward [word of the day!] when I introduced myself.  After doing a lap around the convention center I went back and bought some things and was a lot LESS awkward. haha If you ever meet me, prepare to be weirded out for a few minutes until I chill. 🙂
Those of you that know me…know what I mean!
I also ran into an Etsy Houston member I just met last week 🙂
Okay, more photos 🙂
byebye renegade!
pretty parking garage 🙂
Louise and I hit up Mighty Cone on South Congress afterwards because we were Mighty Hungry! har har har…
mmmm….veggie goodness 🙂
oh you know me…. 🙂
ruh roh, there’s a thunderstorm going on!
I will post my small town detour photos later on 🙂
AAAAAND purchase photos! weee!
exes and oh ohssssss



  1. Yay, so glad you had an awesome time! I can't wait to go when it's in California 🙂

  2. Looks like you had the absolute PERFECT weekend! (Minus the ticket!!) I'm so jealous I couldn't go to Renegade. Looks like an amazing time!!

  3. Yeah for just a warning! I always thought that Elsie and James could be sisters and the three of you? A mod squad for sure!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Hooray for not getting a ticket but big BOOO to having to stand in that grass. I know how it is. I couldn't bring myself to even step off a smidge, when we got a flat coming from San Antonio. There could be snakes in there!! right? Right.

  5. well at least you had the guts to approach elsie even if it was awkward, I would have probably just been like
    " OMG look! " and then walked away.

  6. johanna – i'm so glad it was just a warning…i almost ruined my whole weekend!
    maria – i think it was bc i am a tiny girl and i'm all aloooone 🙂
    alyssa – make sure you post photos! i'm sure yours will be HUGE!
    kara – i almost chickened out! i'm glad i made it 😀
    roxanne – next time i'll just sit with them…how i envy tall women! 🙂
    lisa – ee! i didn't even think of the snakes! i just thought of the itchiness and how passersby probably thought i had drugs in my car! haha
    ashley – i think it was strange because i knew so much about them from their blog, but they don't really know me…you know? but i'm always strange around new people 🙂

  7. You had an amazing weekend (well, except the cops :D)! I wish I was able to somehow get to Austin too..but it's so damn far away 🙁

  8. i´m a bit jealous – i´d love to have been there, too! looks like you had a great, great trip!

  9. The perfect Austin weekend…Alamo and Renegade! The only thing that would have made it perfecter (yeah, it's a word) is if you didn't almost get arrested before the fun even started! 😉 I'm glad you had fun!

    It was so great!!! I'm ready for the next one.

  10. I'm so jealous of all of you that went. I think I would've had to drive for, like, 18 hours straight or something to make it there.

  11. looovee it! I didn't get to go because of my brother's graduation in San Marcos (so close, yet so far..) Looks like it was so awesome and i WILL NOT MISS it next year. Thanks for the photos and letting me go vicariously!

  12. I was in Austin late this weekend – too late for the fair. I'd never been there before and I loved it! I wish we would've been there long enough to go to Alamo.

  13. meg – i wish i had the guts to drive to another renegade! it was such fun 🙂
    anna – you should definitely make it out to one! i was amazed at the talent 🙂
    marci – hahaha oh man, if i almost got arrested i would have FLIPPED! too funny. i'm so ready!!
    grace – so there's one it Atlanta? that'd be super!
    annie – thank you! i did 😀
    ginny – totally make sure you go next year!
    rachel – did you eat at kerbey lane?? gotta make sure you hit that when you're in austin! 🙂

  14. yay! for renegade handmade. i cannot wait to go in chicago in september! looks like you got a great haul! did you give yourself a limit? that will be my problem…

  15. I sooo want to go to the show!! It's in Brooklyn, which is close-ish for me being in Canada and all but I'm busy that weekend. Seriously debating driving the 9 hours to the Chicago one!

    So long story short, I'm jealous 😛

  16. Your photos are awesome! I wish I could have been there. But I live in Canada 🙂

    Great blog by the way! I'm visiting from Freckled Nest.

  17. kate – renegade was so awesome i wish there was another one close enough to drive to! i kiiinda gave myself a limit…i made a list of people i wanted to buy for and let myself get a few things for me. DEFINITELY do a lap before you commit! but make sure you remember where you want to go back to…[grab a card or something!]

  18. aww that craft fair looks amazing! & your next to Elsie, she's so damn amazing! I think she's the bet scrapper ever and I love her work at RVA 🙂 great you could go there 🙂

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