The Math Fairy

I “sneakily” pulled my cell phone out behind my desk to check my messages and the light from the window behind me reflected off my phone, causing a bright spot on the cieling.  My students looked over at me and asked what it was, so I replied, “The math fairy.”  When someone asked, “What does she want?”  I had to restrain myself [LOLzzZZz!].
Okay, these kids are in 7th grade….hopefully they knew from the start that there’s no such thing as a math fairy.  Or is there? [dun dun DUN!]

But a math fairy would be kinda cool. 🙂



  1. hahaha, cute. i just found your blog. and i love it! i loved my 7th grade math teacher, so… points. AND, i'm only 4'10.5" so maybe we could be friends? haha. lovely site.

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